PELLICO is a shoe manufacturer headquartered in Fosso, on the outskirts of Venice, Italy. The enterprise was established in 1963 as a studio for shoe design and developed as PELLICO s.r.l. in 1980.
Today, collections are created by designer/CEO Luca Pampagnin and manufactured using the finest qualities and craftsmanship.
The Concept is based on basic and chic style, but it’s always with the tips of “Elegance, Maturity, and Sophistication”.

PELLICO SUNNY collection was launched from 2010SS season as a diffusion line of PELLICO directed by Luca Pampagnin.
For spring and summer, the main line is playful modern and chic ESPADRILLE collection, and, for autumn and winter, it is Casual Masculine BOOTS collection, but both are preserved the same elegance as PELLICO.
Jute sandal’s production is based on Alicante, Spain, the birth place of traditional espadrilles and Boots’ is based on Chivitanova, Italy, one of the fifth largest city for boots production.


PELLICO SUNNY defied Espadrille’s conventional idea of resort-use to more city-like and proposed new styling of Espadrille. The idea was upgraded to meet the needs of independent and motivated ladies living in urban cities.
Boots collection, started from 2014 autumn and winter season, also succeed to same concept as Espadrille.

PELLICO SUNNY, it is always for excited, energetic, and challenging ladies who enjoy “FASHION” in various situations, “Weekday for your work style” “Relaxed day off with casual fashion” “Girls night out” “Casual social party” and “Looking sexy for your sweetheart” etc…
It brings color to life style of charming, independent, and powerful beautiful women in the world.